Nights in!

This weekend just gone I spent staying at mates houses, chilling, dancing, drinking and having simply the best time!

Friday night we were all over at a friend’s house for her 17th and it was honestly so much fun, dancing, laughing and drinking a taaadd too much!! Nights like these are honestly my absolute favourite! We ordered a Chinese which was delish and so chill then partied till late whilst having breaks out in the garden by a little fire which we made. We stayed up late and watched some absolute classic films: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Gnomeo and Juliet!

On Saturday night 7 of us were over at another friends house and again we ordered Chinese…!! After having a couple of pints in the pub I was ready for the night! We played a few drinking games back at the house (mainly ring of fire but the boys tried to create some new games!). After eating our food we then went through to play some VERY amateur pool until the early hours of the morning. We ended the night crashed out in lounge and balanced a can on the unlucky one who fell asleep first!

Working in between these two nights was tough and our fun league netball game on Sunday morning was as welcome as we imagined it may have been but all the same it was a fab weekend spent with friends!


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