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It’s been a while… a lot has happened since my last post but then again, not much as changed. I’ve applied for uni and have had my 5 offers back and am currently umming and arring between which ones to pick as my final 2.

This month I turn 18 and although I never celebrate my birthday all that much I’m super excited for this years. To spend it with my family and such a great group of friends that I’ve now got! Feel the love 🙂

Haven’t got all that much to say but I’ve just watched Elizabethtown and although I wouldn’t say it’s a great film, it’s got such a fab message behind it. It teaches you to live, live your life to the full. And that’s what my aim for this year is, to take every opportunity that I get and make a tonne of memories!


Summer evenings with siblings.

These are the best times, just messing around and have a tonne of fun with the siblings (and Mabel the dog)! It was warm enough this June for us to get to do this and it’s nights like these that everyone needs to make time for 🙂

New York City.

From The Empire State Building and the rest of the incredible skyline to the yellow Taxis and the Hot Dog stands on the streets, New York is and most likely always will be one of my absolute favourite cities in the world. I visited this April for the second time. Awestruck is an understatement. Landing in JFK and stepping out of the taxi onto Times Square is something I can assure you I will never forget.

This April I visited NYC with my Sixth Form which was such an experience, getting to explore the city with my best mates. From the Staten Island Ferry to the High Line to the United Nations building everything was insane and so big!

Ground Zero is by far one of the most eerie places I’ve been. Just standing there you can feel the sorrow that 9/11 caused even these 16 years later. Despite the hum of the city, when at Ground Zero it feels as if you could hear a pin drop. The roses that are placed with the lost ones name on their birthday are such a lovely way of celebrating that persons life. I’m not going to lie, I did cry when we were there! We were standing at the corner of one of the infinity memorials and next to us there was a family of a lost one taking a rubbing of their name whilst crying, within the half hour that my friends and I were standing in this particular place two other families came along and took rubbings of names as well. It shows that even in that short place of time that we were we standing there, the hundreds of lives that were impacted.

As well as visiting these landmark places, we ate at a range of ‘typical’ American restaurants. Bubba Gump’s, The Hard Rock Hotel, Applebee’s, Planet Hollywood. When I was in NYC this April we were very lucky with the weather as it was in the high 20’s resulting in some people on the trip getting sunburnt and others of us tanning (me thank goodness!). We spent a lot of our time in central park being the country girls that we are but we did remember to venture into the city and spend every penny to our names!

Being there for 4 1/2 days we had enough time to visit Soho and Chelsea in Downtown Manhattan which I am so happy we got to do because we got to explore where people live in the city and imagine ourselves living there in the future (which I can assure you we did)!

What topped the whole holiday off was when my friend got live interviewed by an American News channel (I can’t remember which) and she told them that she had better fashion sense than Donald Trump’s wife and daughter!

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Nights in!

This weekend just gone I spent staying at mates houses, chilling, dancing, drinking and having simply the best time!

Friday night we were all over at a friend’s house for her 17th and it was honestly so much fun, dancing, laughing and drinking a taaadd too much!! Nights like these are honestly my absolute favourite! We ordered a Chinese which was delish and so chill then partied till late whilst having breaks out in the garden by a little fire which we made. We stayed up late and watched some absolute classic films: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Gnomeo and Juliet!

On Saturday night 7 of us were over at another friends house and again we ordered Chinese…!! After having a couple of pints in the pub I was ready for the night! We played a few drinking games back at the house (mainly ring of fire but the boys tried to create some new games!). After eating our food we then went through to play some VERY amateur pool until the early hours of the morning. We ended the night crashed out in lounge and balanced a can on the unlucky one who fell asleep first!

Working in between these two nights was tough and our fun league netball game on Sunday morning was as welcome as we imagined it may have been but all the same it was a fab weekend spent with friends!

A bit about me…

For my second post I thought I’d do an introductory post about myself and this blog…

I don’t have a set aim for what I’m going to post on here but I think I’m just going to post about whatever really! May that be travel, school, friendships or whatever else comes into my mind! I am open for variety 🙂

To me this blog is somewhere for me to escape to, I haven’t told anyone about it and definitely do not intend to do so!!

I’m 17 years old (my birthday being a couple of weeks ago) , I’m from The Cotswolds, England so definitely a country gal! I love travel, films, Netflix and photography (though I’m not great at it!).

To be honest with you, I have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing in any aspect of life so any advice is welcome! haha

Barbados 2016

Last July I ventured out to The Caribbean to the paradise of Barbados. It was the most incredible trip of my life so far for sure! I went with my school on a Netball tour for 12 days and  I think I can vouch for us all when i say we had the most insane experience everrr! Being with all my bestest friends in the sunny wonder of Barbs, we swam with turtles, took a jeep tour around the island, visited Bridgetown and had an unforgettable night at the Harbour Lights show, all whilst playing the national sport against the local girls and making memories! The Bajan people are some of the happiest and kindest I’ve met – not forgetting their accent which is too DIE for!!!

Granted we did all end up as lobsters after the first couple of days – typical British holidayers! However, despite this, the time on the white sandy beaches with the warm tropical sea, messing around in the pool and our day at The Boatyard is an eternity I’d never ever replace! One of my most favourite memories from our day at The Boatyard is when one of the men who worked there asked us “why is it that you white people always end up turning out like lobsters?” Hahaha

As I ended up being the designated photographer for everyone on tour it’s left me with some of the most stunning photos which are irreplaceable and of course have all been printed off and put into a fabulous album to sum the entire trip up 🙂

( Oh we saw Rihanna’s house and OH MY GOSH was it beautiful!!! )



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